Construction Safety Nets – Soft, Elastic Net Surface, High Tear Resistance & Impact Resistance

Our construction safety nets are made of PA, PET and PP materials with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high breaking strength, good elasticity and can withstand and relieve the impact of heavy loads.

Our products comply with OSHA 1926.105 requirements and EN 1263-1 standards and are suitable for building construction, solar panel installation, new roof construction, roof renovation, roof maintenance, etc.

You may customize specific sizes according to your construction site conditions.

Red construction safety nets are horizontally installed on the building.
Black nylon knotted netting on a white background

Nylon knotted netting

Black PET knotless netting on a white background

PET knotless netting

Green PP knotless netting on a white background

PP knotless netting

  • Material: nylon, PET, PP
  • Net type: knotted netting, knotless netting
  • Thread diameter
    • Nylon: 4.75 mm
    • PP & PET: 5 mm
  • Mesh size: 45 mm, 60 mm, 100 mm
  • Overall size: customized
  • Color: white, blue, green, red, or customized;
  • Standard size: 6.00 m × 6.00 m, 6.00 m × 10.00 m, 7.50 m × 7.50 m, 10.00 m × 10.00 m, 12.50 m × 12.50 m, 12.50 m × 21.00 m or customized.
  • Side rope: 11 mm
  • Side rope breaking strength: 30 kN
  • Net surface impact resistance: larger than 800 N
  • A galvanized thimble every 2.5 m
  • Non-toxic material and will not cause damage when in contact with the human mouth and eyes;
  • It has excellent weather resistance and UV resistance and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses;
  • It has high breaking strength and can withstand heavy load impacts;
  • The net surface is elastic and has an effective cushioning effect and absorb the impact of falling, thus guaranteeing the safety of construction personnel.
Horizontally installed construction safety net

Horizontal installation

Vertically installed construction safety net

Vertical installation

Installation Instructions
Construction safety net winding installation diagram

Winding installation

The net is fixed on the frame in the way of winding with tying rope, simple and firm.

Construction safety net hook installation diagram

Hook installation

Hooks are used to install construction safety net and are widely used in all kinds of cement and wooden piles.

Construction safety net installed on the high rise building.

High rise building

Construction safety net installed on the bridge

Bridge construction & maintenance

Construction safety net installed on the home roof.

Home roof construction

Construction safety net installed on the railway bridge

Railway bridge

Construction safety net installed in the courtyard


Construction safety net installed on the factory roof

Factory roof maintenance