Loft Net – High Load Bearing Capacity, Non-Toxic & Easy Cleaning

Our loft nets are made of high quality PA, PET and PP materials, featuring non-toxic, UV & corrosion resistant, good wear & tear resistant, high load bearing capacity, reusable and easy cleaning.

It is suitable for hotels, homes, amusement parks, youth hostels, etc. Its fun design creates an unexpected relaxing and resting environment for all kind of places.

You may choose or customize the net types and sizes according to your needs.

A little girl is sitting and reading a book on the loft net.
White nylon knotless netting on a gray background

Nylon knotless netting

White PET knotless netting on a white background

PET knotless netting

White PP knotless netting on a white background

PP knotless netting

White nylon knotted netting on a white background

Nylon knotted netting

  • Material: PP, PET, nylon
  • Net type: knotted netting, knotless netting
  • Thread diameter: 3 mm. 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm or customized
  • Mesh size: 5 cm × 5 cm, 6 cm × 6 cm, or customized
  • Mesh shape: diamond or square
  • Mesh shape: diamond or square
  • Border rope: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm PE rope or elastic string
  • Width: customized
  • Length: customized
  • Color: black, white, green, red or customized.
  • Knotless netting is suitable for horizontal installation, to make it more comfortable while knotted netting is suitable for vertical installation;
  • 210 kg/m2 load bearing capacity, safer and more reliable;
  • High quality PET, nylon and PP raw material, corrosion resistant, UV resistant and durable;
  • 6–10 mm tie rope ensures the loft net is safe enough;
  • Various colors are available, which makes it more suitable for matching with interior designs.
Loft nets are installed at the hotel lakeside.


Loft net is installed on the loft.


Loft net is installed in the amusement park.

Amusement parks

Loft net is installed in the courtyard.