Hammer- Discus Cage Net – High Tensile Strength, Good Wear & Impact Resistance

Our hammer-discus cage nets are made of UV-resistant PA and PP materials with good wear resistance, high tensile strength and high impact resistance.

Our products comply with NCAA and IAAF regulations and are suitable for large scale sports events, schools, clubs, etc. In addition, our hammer-discus cage nets can also customized in specifications and sizes to meet your current demands according to your specific requirements.

Hammer-discus cage net installed on the lawn.
Black nylon knotted hammer-discus cage net on a white background

Nylon knotted netting

Green PP knotless hammer-discus cage net on a white background

PP knotless netting

  • Thread diameter
    • Nylon knotted netting: 2.5 mm, 4 mm
    • PP knotless netting: 5 mm
  • Mesh size:
    • Nylon knotted netting: 44 mm
    • PP knotless netting: 40 mm, 45 mm
  • Mesh shape: square or diamond
  • Color: green, black, etc.
  • Standard size: main net height: 7 m; gate net height: 10 m or customized.
  • Band: 8 mm nylon cord
Main Net & Gate Net
Hammer-discus cage net main net and gate net diagram

Main net & gate net

  • 40 mm – 45 mm mesh size ensures the safety while allowing the wind to pass through and making the net surface more stable;
  • Edges are provided with 8 mm rope band to improve the tear resistance and impact resistance of the net surface, making the net surface more solid and durable;
  • Our hammer-discus cage net are wear resistant, corrosion resistant, UV resistant, rainproof and durable;
  • Made of nylon and PP materials, it is UV resistant, toxic-free and can be used both indoors and outdoors;

Tips: When the hammer-discus cage net is not in use, the cage net must be lowered to avoid wind damage. Otherwise, the wind may cause serious damage to the system including hardware damage, net surface tear and post bending.

A player is throwing the discus into the hammer-discus cage net.

Training field

Discus competition field

Competition field

A student is practicing discus throw skills.


Hammer-discus cage net is installed in the community running tracks.

Community running track