Choosing the Right Sun Shade Sail

Sun shade sails are made of HDPE monofilament yards after knitting and are mainly used in outdoor sun shade and UV rays prevention. It has up to 90% shading rate and is a multifunctional and semi-permanent facility. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes to suit to your space. Sun shade sails can be fitted to a variety of surfaces such as walls, trees and structures, so that you can have a safe and cool outdoor space for the whole family at any where you need.

With such a big range of shapes, colors and sizes, it can be hard to know what will work best for your outdoor space. We've created a guide to help you decide which sun shade sail is right for you.

Square sun shade sail installed on the balcony
Decide on the space you would like shaded

Decide the space where you want your sun shade sail to be installed. It may be in your garden, garage, swimming pool, balcony or any outdoor space. Unlike other permanent shade solutions, sun shade sails are easily disassemble and moveable.

Red sun shade sail installed in a home yard
Identify the structure you want to attach it to
  • Attaching you sun shade sail to your existing structures such as your house or garage is a good choice. If that is not suitable, you may consider to buy posts for installation.
  • Most importantly, during the installation, you need to install at least one corner of the sun shade sail lower than the others to allow any rainwater to fun off. If the sun shade sail is either not taut enough or installed at an insufficient angle, rainwater will accumulate on the shade fabric, causing the fabric to stretch or tear. We recommend at least a 30-degree angle of incline for each sun shade sail under the premise of maintaining its shading rate.
Sun shade sail installation precautions
Find s suitable anchor point

Find a suitable anchor point for each corner of the sun shade sail and make sure they are strong enough to take the strain of the sun shade sail material when tensioned and in windy conditions.

Fixing points shall be at least 2.4 m above the ground. It can be a wall, a strong beam, a tree or a wooden post or a metal pole.

Wooden post requirements

  • At least 100 mm diameter;
  • Set in the ground.

Metal pole requirements

  • Galvanized steel;
  • At least 4 mm thickness;
  • At least 48 mm diameter;
  • Fitted into a sleeve in the ground;
  • Posts shall be angled away from the center of the sun shade sail by at least 10 degrees to provide additional strength and stability.
Square sun shade sail is attached to galvanized posts.
Choose your material

HDPE sun shade sails are highly recommended.

  • It blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays;
  • Every corner is equipped with a 304 stainless steel D-shaped ring for easy installation;
  • Corrosion resistant, easy to clean and can be washed by washing machine;
  • UV resistant, long lifespan;
  • Solid, durable, fully recyclable knitted fabric;
  • The knitting process leaves tiny holes in the weave enabling heat to escape through the fabric whilst maintaining high UV protection;
  • All sides are covered to make the net surface more wear resistant, stronger and smoother;
  • The whole length of each side is strapped for tension;
  • The higher weight sun shade sail is more durable and the price is also higher.
Folded sand color sun shade sail
Choose a shape

Sun shade sails come in a variety of shapes to suit the space you need shaded.

  • Triangle sun shade sail
    • It has a smaller size and light weight, so it is a perfect choice for shading smaller areas, for example shading a couch at the corner. Besides, it also can be used as temporary outdoor shading solutions;
    • It is also very popular as aesthetic fixtures for outdoor living spaces, making them an excellent focal point in your exterior design layout;
    • Many triangles can make a creative layout in a larger area.
  • Square or rectangle sun shade sails
    • If you want to shade a large outdoor area like balcony, square or rectangle sun shade sails are a good choice.
    • Be aware that because of their larger size, they may require sturdier support structures than their triangular counter-parts.
    • You can also increase the strength of these sails by creating a three-dimensional effect or by attaching one corner significantly higher than the other corners. Not only does this make the sail stronger, but it provides a distinct and stunning look.
    • Just like with triangular sun shade sails, you can also install squares at a slight vertical incline to prevent moisture accumulation and sagging.
Square and triangle sun shade sail diagram
Choose a size
  • Measure the area you need to cover. Bearing in mind that when the sun is at its hottest, it will be directly above you.
  • As a general rule, the material of your shade sail should begin about 30 cm from your anchor point.
Sun shade sail installation size
Choose a color

Unlike other shade solutions, our sun shade sails are available in a variety of colors to suit your outdoor space from sky blue, premium gray to our best sell cream white. You may choose your favorite popular color or give us your color schemes.

Sand color sun shade sail and 9 colors available