Basketball Nets – UV-Resistant & Rainproof, Suitable for Various Applications

Our basketball nets are made of high quality nylon and polyester (PET) with excellent corrosion resistance, UV resistance, rainproof and wear resistance, and are suitable for long-term tearing and hanging.

Our products comply with EN 1270 standards and are applicable to various standard size of basketball hoops. Our basketball nets are widely used in various large scale professional competitions, daily training, leisure activities, etc. We can also offer custom size basketball nets for shopping malls, leisure places, homes and other places according to your requirements.

A basketball is falling off from the basketball goal net.
White nylon knotted basketball net

Nylon knotted netting

White PET knotted basketball net

PET knotted netting

  • Material: nylon, PET
  • Net type: knotted netting
  • 12 loops
  • 7 knot
  • Length: 21" (about 53.34 cm)
  • Thread diameter: 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm
  • Color: single color (white), double-color (red and white), three-color (red, white and blue)
  • Compatible with all 45 cm basket hoops
Size Details
Side view ad top view of basketball net & hoop

Basketball nets & hoop size

  • Long service life. Our basketball nets are made of high quality nylon and (PET) with excellent UV resistance, rainproof and corrosion resistance. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor basketball hoops and can withstand any type of weather conditions and constant pulling and hanging that comes with regular play.
  • Easy to install. 12 loops make it easy to install and replace basketball nets on any basketball hoop of standard size, it only takes minutes to finish the installation.
Teachers are undergoing basketball match.


A player is shooting at the basket.

Playing field

The park is holding a basketball match.


2 men are playing basketball in the community.