Tennis Nets – Good Impact Resistance, UV-Resistance and Suitable for All Climates

Our tennis nets are made of UV-stabilized PE and PP with high wear resistance, impact resistance, good corrosion resistance and UV resistance. In addition, its double braided structure offers higher impact resistance and makes it more suitable for all kinds of fields and conditions.

Our tennis nets are available in standard sizes and conform to EN-1510 standards and ITF regulations, especially suitable for large professional competitions. In addition, our tennis nets can be made into different sizes according to your specific application, for example, indoor tennis club, outdoor tennis fields or training fields.

A tennis is falling on the top of the tennis net.
Black PP knotless tennis nets on a white background

PP knotless netting

PE knotted tennis net on a white background

PE knotted netting

Tennis Net Specification
Item Tennis Nets for Doubles Tennis Nets for Singles
Material PP PE PP
Mesh type Knotless Knotted Knotless
Mesh size 42 mm 45 mm 42 mm
Width 12.798 m 12.798 m 10.058 m
Height 1.07 m 1.07 m 1.07 m
Thread diameter 4 mm 3 mm 3 mm
Color Black Black Black
Mesh shape Square Square Square
Top Vinyl-coated polyester headband (optical white)
Outline reinforced PVC band
Accessories Steel rope, center strap
Notes: The first 6 rows of PE knotted netting are double-layer braided net.
Double-layer braided net of the first 6 rows

The first row of double-layer braided net

Center strap installed on the tennis net

Center strap

  • The double-layer braided net of the first 6 rows offers better protection and higher impact resistance than single-layer braided net;
  • The raw materials have excellent anti-UV performance and corrosion resistance, so our tennis net can withstand be exposed to sunlight and not affected by harsh weather conditions;
  • The outlines are reinforced to make the net surface more resilient and can effectively prevent the net being worn and damaged, offering a long lifespan;
  • PE and PP have excellent wear resistance;
  • Center strap ensures that the tennis net is always kept at the same height and offers additional stability. Besides, it also offers additional protection for tennis nets under extreme weather conditions.
A tennis match is undergoing.

Sports event

The coach is explaining tennis skills to the players.

Training field

2 boys are playing the tennis in the park.


Tennis players are shaking hands before the game.